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Agnes brings faith, love, spirit and heart to Magic Still exists, her first studio album in almost a decade.

The full line-up for Waves, one of the region’s biggest music festivals, has been revealed.

Second single Paroles Paroles marks another strong offering from Jarvis Cocker’s French-language project, with well-defined disparity between the dialogue-driven lyrics.

An embrace of his roots and a sincere, mature tone makes Sam Fender’s sophomore album, Seventeen Going Under, an incredibly moving experience.

Aside from some forgettable singles to promote the album, Manic Street Preachers’ latest effort, The Ultra Vivid Lament, is a strong offering from the Cool Cymru born band.

Their ABBAtars may be looming ever closer, and with new technology should come new sounds. ABBA’s latest track, Don’t Shut Me Down, is good but shaky.

Music festival Waves is set to hit Sunderland this November, with an ensemble of musical artists who’ll hope to rekindle the nightlife economy.

Light, breezy and empty, My Universe offers an odd musical collaboration and genre crashing piece from BTS and Coldplay.

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