The Toolbox

Join Rollie & Hamish as they do their weekly unpacking of their invisible backpacks. The lads talk about their Dads in honour of Fathers Day, fashion trends they’ve seen come and go and music.
Rollie breathes a sigh of relief as Hamish returns from illness. There’s an invisible backpack check in. Sarah from Lighthouse Club, the construction industry charity joins for a chat about the issues impacting upon people in construction and the lads pay tribute to rugby league legend Rob Burrow.
There’s no Hamish this week, so join Rollie as he brings in guest presenter Jake Chappell on an emergency loan for an invisible backpack check in and chats to former Sunderland AFC player Kieron Brady about his career, battles with alcoholism and mental health. Music from Hartzmann – Grid
Join Rollie and Hamish as they chat about their mental health roadmaps and speak to Simon Gordon, finding out more about the new Andy’s Man Club branch at Kayll Road, Sunderland. The lads also focus in on the unhealthy coping mechanisms they had in the past for a podcast exclusive. Music from Uppbeat
Rollie and Hamish check in on each others invisible backpacks, get into the viral debate around men or bears and speak to Chris Smith, the Program Manager of Men’s Pie Club, who is fighting social isolation in men through the power of pies.

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