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Fifty years have passed since the experimental debut release of ELO.

Lights Off carries on Czech Republic’s contemporary music tradition at Eurovision.

30, the long-awaited album from Adele which was released November 19 showcases her journey through divorce, love, and accepting herself.

Club Paradise captured the audience and left them wanting more. The future is bright for these local lads.

Intelligent Music Project haven’t managed to turn things up to 11 with their song, Intention.

Rick Astley’s performance in Newcastle shows that he and his music are capable of entertaining a cross-generational audience.

Club Paradise offer unrivalled homegrown indie-rock at Waves, with a great display of seven tracks.

Local artist Kay Greyson believes she is on the verge of something special, as her performance went down a storm at the new Waves festival. The set kicked off with a performance of Greyson’s 2020 track Paris, in which she delivered an energetic rendition and demonstrated a superb vocal adeptness. Afterwards, the local Hip-Hop artist […]

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