Author: Callum Rowe

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Sekret is a marvellous production with bona fide Albanian sounds which are complemented by a relevant and modern production.

Boys Do Cry is musical poetry that deserves wonder and congratulations from all sides.

Sam Ryder and his song Space Man will break down barriers and smash misconceptions about musicians who make a name for themselves on social media. 

Stripper is far from a high quality track. Instead it’s a predictable affair with unlistenable vocals.

Alvan and Ahez’s track Fulenn loses itself in different sounds on its quest to give musical identity to the Breton language it is sung in.

S10’s De Diepte has a contrasting chorus that makes the Dutch language track perfectly digestible.

The Rasmus balance the right amount of rock and pop on Jezebel to make the track enjoyable for all audiences.

Guilty Pleasure won’t trouble Spotify charts and won’t carry much positive momentum into the Eurovision Song Contest either.

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