Indie Jazz soul band Rushbonds release stunning debut single

Written by on 3rd April 2023

North East-born Indie-Jazz-Soul singer Robyn McLeod and her Leeds-based band Rushbonds have released a stellar debut single entitled Close But No Cigar.


The song is a high-energy track with a massive punching rhythm and an addictive earworm melody. The song’s lyrics of revenge erupt from frontwoman Robyn McLeod with confidence and power, creating an anthem for those accepting that their sucky relationships didn’t quite cut it.

The five-piece band is made up of Robyn McLeod (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Isaac Llewellyn (lead guitar), James Bromley (bass guitar), Teruki Chan (drums) and Callum Greenaway (keys).

The band all uniquely deliver pent up emotions in a euphoric chorus that is completely unforgettable to the point where even by the third listen you are passionately lip syncing to the song like it’s your new life anthem in a way that no other artist does apart from acts such as self-esteem.

The song reminds listeners of being in a wine bar or a pub garden in late summer. While the song isn’t a head banger, it is still a rhythmic toe-tapper reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse and early 2010s Lily Allen.

While the song erupts with confidence and power it is also mellowed out into something that is almost easy listening.

We managed to grab a short interview with Robyn during the busy run-up to the song’s release:

Spark: Why did you write the song, and what are the songs/band’s influences?

Robyn McLeod: Originally the song was written for a set filler, and it came together in about 20 minutes during a practise. The song is about one of my previous relationships and trying to make something work that never will.

Our band takes a lot of inspiration from bands like Haitus Kayote and our producer referenced them a lot during the production process. I think this song does have a bit of a Tom Misch influence to it though!

Spark: What about the debut song do you really like?

Robyn McLeod: I really like the fat chorus and how fun, digestible and catchy the track is in general. It’s so fun to perform!

Spark: After the songs what your plans? Is it to work up to an EP or go touring?

Robyn McLeod: We write new material all the time, so we’re definitely working towards an EP at some point, but right now I think we’ll probably just focus on a few more singles first. We want to build an audience and love gigging so much so that’s something we’re really putting a lot of time into at the moment. A tour would be a dream!

Spark: If you could describe the band as a night out what would it be (i.e. venue or vibe)

Robyn McLeod:  For me, it’s definitely got to be somewhere stupid and silly like Popworld where we can all go and mock.

You can find Rushbonds on Instagram @Rushbonds 

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