Author: Josh Davey

From relegation bound to third in the Premier League – Newcastle United now, compared to last season, couldn’t contrast any more if they tried. The Magpies look set to compete in one of the three European competitions next season with a lot of fans confident it’ll be the pinnacle – The UEFA Champions League. Goals […]

The re-emergence of vinyl records: is it a fad or should Spotify be worried? From The Beatles to Sam Fender, Fleetwood Mac to The Smiths, whether you listen to an artist from the 50s, 70s or even modern day, chances are you can listen to your music on a good old fashioned record player, but […]

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic second-hand car prices have skyrocketed, with some values going up to nearly 40%. An example of this is a 2018 Vauxhall Mokka bought in Birtley last August for £12,000 would now be selling for 18,000. This is a 33% increase over time. This and the backlog of driving tests are making […]

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