Author: Jayne Loo

Millions of people come to the United Kingdom on a visa to study, work  and start a new life, with a whopping number of 685,000 of them being international students.    But how did obtaining an Indefinite Leave to Remain status change the lives of those who were once on a visa?   An ILR(Indefinite […]

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财! Did you know that Chinese New Year is celebrated in different countries around the world? Chinese New Year was first celebrated in the Shang Dynasty, 3500 years ago in China and soon spread across countries with high Chinese populations. It is now celebrated in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, […]

Want to adopt a cat but worried about the cat hair all around the house? Here are 10 cats that don’t shed (or shed less)!   1. Sphynx  Sphynx cats don’t shed at all because they have a genetic mutation that makes them hairless. Their body oils usually build up on their skin making them […]

On May 4, Sunderland University held a global food event at their city centre campus. The event features various food options from different countries around the world like Nigeria, China, South East countries and Malaysia.  Society Coordinator, Anna Kemp said that it is important to represent all the students on campus. “We hope there will […]

Nexus has announced a £2million refurbishment of the lifts and escalators at a problem-plagued Metro station in the heart of Newcastle. Head of renewals Sarah McManus said the refurbishment programme was to ensure that facilities at Haymarket station are fit for service for years to come. The station recently lost the use of one of […]

Time is running out to vote in the SU elections. Candidates are racing against time to gather votes for their positions, with voting closing on Friday (March 10). The roles are President of Activities, President of Education, President of Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity Officer, International Officer and Head of Student Council.  Running for President of […]

A tribute act festival has added three more bands to the line-up. Christmas Rocks returns to O2 City Hall, Newcastle, in December this year. The event is planned to take place on three nights, December 27 to December 29. Blackmore’s Blood, Tyne Maiden, and INXS UK are the latest to join the line-up and six […]

Christmas Rocks is coming to the North East once again this year! The Christmas Rocks line-up is here: AC/DC GB, KISS by Dressed to Kill and Queen by We Are Champion are joining the event when they return to O2 City Hall, Newcastle again in December this year. The event is planned to take place […]

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