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Bishop Auckland Girls FC has been a club that girls can join to play football for ten years. The current Under 14’s team went to a tournament at Flamingo Land last weekend. They played seven games and only conceded one goal the entire tournament. They came out as winners by the end of it.

There has been a surge of criminal damage and arson cases reported within the Washington area. According to crime rate statistics, 40% of all crimes committed in February were under the Criminal Damage and Arson category. Crime statistics also show that there were 68 crimes committed of this type in February 2022, in comparison to […]

As the tour series rolled around into Sunderland, there was a rallying cry from the locals to encourage the series to keep coming back to the North East every year. With the North East being a football dominated area, locals encouraged the organisers of the event to keep coming back in order to encourage the […]

During the second week of April, local freelance photographer Anna Kemp was involved in her first market held by Made Up North and the Makers March. On April 13, Spark met up with local photographer Anna Kemp (@annaclairesnaps), at the University of Sunderland City Campus. In this brief interview, she talks about herself as an […]

The global pandemic has had a major effect on many businesses with charity shops being one; that have struggled to keep their doors open. Elaine Ryder, manager of The Children’s Society charity in Birtley, is thrilled with her shop’s return since restrictions have reduced. The store manager highlighted the importance of donations with The Children’s […]

Matthew Ferguson speaks about the Kulturschock Car Show after his previous experience last year

Built just a five minute walk from St James’ Park this new centre, known as NUCASTLE, will help provide vital aid to hundreds of thousands of people in the north east.

Love, Amelia are using a Crowdfund campaign to raise money for a van.

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