Author: Maia Olusanya

Following immense popularity with attracting over 6000 visitors since the 23rd of March, Ushaw House in Durham has decided to extend its exhibition “A century of Wedding Gowns” until June 30th. This beautiful exhibition features over 70 dresses from those belonging to Sunderland brides to recreations of iconic royal gowns. Generously donated by Sunderland brides […]

Before becoming a university in 1992 Sunderland was a polytechnic, an accumulation of Sunderland Technical College, The Sunderland School of Art, and Sunderland Teacher Training College which came together in 1969. All students who graduated from the teacher training college were presented with a ‘certificate of education’ as opposed to an honours degree. These students […]

In honour of International Women’s Day, I have compiled a list of influential women from the North East and spoken to creators of the Sunderland-based women’s podcast ‘Rebel Women’ about the importance of having northern women in the media. Denise Welch – a North East legend known for her appearances in shows such as Coronation […]

GP Thomas Kwan, 52, has been arrested for attempting to murder his mother’s partner Patrick O’Hara age 70 by allegedly poisoning him. The Doctor, who worked at the Sunderland practice Happy House Surgery, and lives in Stockton-on-Tees was remanded in custody following his appearance at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning. Kwan has not entered […]

In light of the King’s coronation, I decided to take to the University of Sunderland campus to interview a student and find out about thier thoughts on the monarchy to get the opinions of the younger generations. The student who agreed to be interviewed expressed that he believed the monarchy had a positive impact on […]

Here’s a guide on all the clubs, bars and restaurants in Newcastle where you may bump into your favourite stars. We’ve found eight different venues known to be frequented by the rich and famous.  Number One: Miller and Carter   Miller and Carter is a steak house that has been awarded ‘The Masters of Steak’ […]

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