Exploring the Monarchy: Insights from Sunderland Students

Written by on 10th May 2023

In light of the King’s coronation, I decided to take to the University of Sunderland campus to interview a student and find out about thier thoughts on the monarchy to get the opinions of the younger generations. The student who agreed to be interviewed expressed that he believed the monarchy had a positive impact on tourism in the country, as long as they stayed out of politics.

The student noted that many tourists come to the United Kingdom to see historical landmarks and experience the country’s rich culture. The monarchy, with its long history and traditions, adds to that cultural experience for many visitors. Additionally, the parties and ceremonies surrounding the coronation and other royal events can draw large crowds and media attention, which can be a boom for the tourism industry.

However, the student did emphasise the importance of the monarchy remaining neutral in political matters. They noted that the monarchy’s role in politics is largely symbolic, and it is crucial for them to maintain that neutrality in order to avoid any controversy or divisiveness.

After interviewing the fellow student, it became apparent that their opinion on the monarchy was similar to that of many other young people in the North East. While the younger generations recognise the significance of the monarchy in promoting tourism, they also express skepticism about the amount of money that goes into maintaining the monarchy, particularly during times of economic hardship where it can seem like the monarchy’s wealth is being flaunted in front of the general population.

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