How a sports team eases you into university life

Written by on 13th May 2024

Spark Sunderland spoke to newly appointed UoS Spartans American Football Committee Member, Finlay McIntyre, who joined Sunderland’s team only this year.

After completing a year on the team, he has made countless friends, of all ages, religions, and ethnicities, in which they’ve made a safe space for his first year at university. He’s also arguably grown in his abilities by joining another team outside of the University and jumping headfirst into his committee role.

Sunderland’s sports teams have been openly welcome and inviting, especially to freshers, and it has been said that as well as having physical benefits, there are mutual mental benefits too.

Many of the sports teams, not only train but also plan outings and socials. They often get together for Wednesday’s ‘student night’, but they also plan ‘sober socials’ where they go bowling or quizzing amongst other things. This is so they can include everyone on the team as well as increase their communication and teamwork almost weekly.

While speaking with Finlay, he highly recommends joining a team, especially American Football, and there is a huge list on the University of Sunderland’s website.

Watch the interview here:

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