The North East Based, Feminist Theatre Company Taking Durham Fringe Festival By Storm

Written by on 13th May 2024

Durham Fringe is one of the UK’s largest performing arts festivals and is returning this July.

Featuring act’s from all over the country, the festival highlights some of the best up and coming talent in the scene.

Supplying some North East representation to the Fringe, are local theatre company, Menstrual Rage.

Menstrual Rage are a feminist theatre company shining a light on women’s issues through their productions.

With many successful productions already under their belt the challenge for the group is to continue their good work and continue to spread their message.

Hannah Burnside is managing director of the company and was one of its founding members in 2021.

The group have impressed crowds at the last two iterations of the festival and are making it a hattrick of appearances this year.

I spoke to Hannah about why the group do what they do, and what fans can look forward to at Durham Fringe Festival.

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