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That’s Rich brings contemporary music from Ireland to Eurovision for the first time in years.

Brividi is a captivating display of what a professional Italian duet can and should be.

Trenulețul is packed to the brim with the instantly recognisable sounds of Zdob și Zdub.

Chanel sets Spain on the path to success with her track SloMo

After spell-bounding audiences for a whole week in Sunderland, a cold January’s night was the perfect setting for all of the region’s stars to descend on the Empire to celebrated one of the biggest shows to hit Sunderland this year. Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s first Broadway venture back in 1994, is still a much […]

Here are some of the best singing and rapping collabs, from pop-punk trendsetters to Eminem-led classics

Moulin Rouge premiered in London’s Piccadilly Theatre in December 2021 and will continue to run until May 2022.

Fifty years have passed since the experimental debut release of ELO.

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