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ABBA’s Voyage will please dedicated fans but will do little to satisfy others.

An honest debut from Sophia gives Hometown the excellent effects of an artist talking of their hometown, and how a wider audience is soon to follow

Waitress whisks up a storm at Sunderland Empire with fantastic performances, great songs and an ensemble worth seeing on the stage.

Agnes brings faith, love, spirit and heart to Magic Still exists, her first studio album in almost a decade.

The full line-up for Waves, one of the region’s biggest music festivals, has been revealed.

Check out these four picks of family-friendly horror features, for those that don’t like the horrific side to spooky season.

45 years have passed since the release of Desire, a Bob Dylan album that tempered the storm that was Blood on the Tracks.

55 years on from the initial release, Blonde on Blonde is still the peak of Bob Dylan’s powers.

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