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Labour party leader Sir Keir Starmer criticised Boris Johnson’s record on crime in a visit to Sunderland

A Newcastle charity is on a mission to empower residents in the community and improve their life chances. Building Futures East is providing crucial support to help those in need improve their self-esteem, confidence and skills. The organisation prides itself on taking a holistic approach to helping people, providing long term solutions rather than short […]

Fundraising legend Colin Burgin-Plews is ready to take on new challenges once again after some difficult personal and health challenges. In the last eighteen month’s Colin has coped bravely with losing his mother to cancer, and the death of a cousin. Despite the heartache, he is now looking positively towards next year and is thankful […]

An Inter Faith walk around various places of worship offered the community a chance to connect and learn about new cultures.

The North East Fishermen’s Project is aiming to preserve the history and heritage of the area.

Nigel Farage has stirred controversy after commenting on the figures released by the North East Chamber of Commerce

Local artist Kay Greyson believes she is on the verge of something special, as her performance went down a storm at the new Waves festival. The set kicked off with a performance of Greyson’s 2020 track Paris, in which she delivered an energetic rendition and demonstrated a superb vocal adeptness. Afterwards, the local Hip-Hop artist […]

A campaign has been launched to raise ¬£55,000 for a life-size sculpture to commemorate the role of women in the fishing industry. The Herring Girls worked tirelessly to gut, salt, and pack all of the fish caught by local fishermen in North Shields despite difficult working conditions. A non-profit organisation, North Shields Fishermen’s Heritage Project, […]

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