Author: Chloe Gudgin

Vinted and Depop have become the choice of many fashion users to buy clothes with the rise of inflation and consumers wanting to be eco-friendly but, are they really as sustainable as we think? Social media is filled with second-hand clothing hauls from influencers sharing their latest buys, with Vinted reporting that they’ve had a […]

Across the UK, Pole Dancing has now become the latest fitness trend to hit social media with the skill now close to being recognised as an Olympic sport.  Pole dancing has its origins in the dimply lit world of strip clubs but in the North East alone there are three fitness schools already teaching techniques […]

Gateshead maternity staff recently received the chief nursing officer awards including the CMO silver award and MSW award. The chief midwifery officer for NHS England Prof Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent visited Gateshead Maternity Services on January 31 to present the awards with chief executive Yvonne Ormston MBE.  Lesley Heelbeck, head of midwifery for Gateshead Health said: “I […]

On October 18, volume three of the Netflix reboot true crime TV show Unsolved Mysteries came back with more murders, disappearances and UFO sightings than I could count. The Netflix reboot which is a must watch for any true crime lover came back after a two year break from the release of Volume One in […]

The coronavirus pandemic has seen NHS waiting lists lengthened by 18 months for those who are seeking an Autism diagnosis across the North East for the first half of the assessment.  Charlotte Appleby from Wallsend was forced to seek a private diagnosis for Autism, after learning from her GP that she would have to wait […]

30, the long-awaited album from Adele which was released November 19 showcases her journey through divorce, love, and accepting herself.

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