Passenger frustration over £2million refurb for problem-hit Metro station

Written by on 11th May 2023

Nexus has announced a £2million refurbishment of the lifts and escalators at a problem-plagued Metro station in the heart of Newcastle.

Head of renewals Sarah McManus said the refurbishment programme was to ensure that facilities at Haymarket station are fit for service for years to come.

The station recently lost the use of one of its three escalators, and mechanical issues with the other two meant Haymarket became an exit-only station, causing huge inconvenience for the thousands of passengers which normally use it each year.

“These assets are heavily used by customers, especially at those stations in busy city centres. They need renewal work,” she said. 

“At Haymarket, all three of the station’s escalators are being refitted with the steps and drive chains,” said McManus. “We are grateful to customers for their patience while these work are taking place.”


The frequent disruptions have forced passengers to divert their journeys and caused growing frustration, some of which boiled over on Twitter at news of the refurbishment.

Some passengers also shared that one of the annoyances of using the station was the screeching noises its escalators made. 


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