Bring Me The Horizon – Concert review

Written by on 9th February 2024

Bring Me The Horizon concert. Credit: Alamy

I saw ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ for the first time on tour on January 16 2024 at Newcastle Utilita Arena – they simply did not disappoint.

This tour had three different support acts, the first support act was Staticdress, second was Cassyette and third was Bad Omens. Since the tour I have had Cassyette on repeat as I loved her set, I highly recommend seeing all of these acts live. All of the support acts I saw put on a great show as they were engaging with the crowd effortlessly. Even though crowds may not of known who they were, this did not stop them all putting on an amazing show.

Bring Me The Horizon came on later in the evening opening up with one of their new songs DArkSide then going on to play songs from various albums such as ‘Semptiteral’, ‘Post human: survival horror’ and ‘That’s the spirit’. They also played their new song ‘Kool – aid’. They played a lot of well known songs but they also went back in time and played some of their older songs. Hearing the range of songs was surprising as they made sure to play their older music as well as their newer style.

Through out the concert Bring Me The Horizon singer Oli Sykes was interacting with the fans whether that was getting them to sing part of the song, talking into the crowd – teasing their new songs from their unreleased album.

Ollie Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon onstage. Credit: Alamy

Through out the concert Oli had to stop the show three times due to issues within the crowd. From the first moment he saw the issue occur he was speaking into the mic about it so security and medical professionals would go over and check the situation out. He made sure everything was completely solved before starting the show again. As this happened more than once he would mention how everyone’s safety is important and how we all should look after each other. This made me feel safe as a fan because of his fast response.

After Bring Me The Horizon finished their set list they had an encore which included the songs ‘doomed’, ‘LosT’ and ‘Throne’. As this was my first time seeing them all of my expectations were met but they also went beyond my expectations. Even though their music is expectably amazing they can also put on a show without the music. This was amazing for fans as we felt more connected to them on a personal basis through their music.

I would highly recommend going to see Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens and Cassyette in concert, the music community is so amazing and going to a concert you don’t only get to see your favourite artist but you also get involved in a community. Getting involved in the community, I got a warm welcome that enhanced my experience as a fan.

Overall there was a great energy in the venue and I would love to see them again.

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