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Boys Do Cry is musical poetry that deserves wonder and congratulations from all sides.

Sam Ryder and his song Space Man will break down barriers and smash misconceptions about musicians who make a name for themselves on social media. 

Recap the action as Ryhope took on Thornaby at Teesdale Park in an import Northern League Division One game

S10’s De Diepte has a contrasting chorus that makes the Dutch language track perfectly digestible.

The Rasmus balance the right amount of rock and pop on Jezebel to make the track enjoyable for all audiences.

Recap the action from Brewery Field as Ryhope progressed to the Durham Challenge Cup semi-finals.

If Tap gets it right then it will be smiles all around. If Tap gets it wrong it really will be back to square one. 2022 needs to count.

The composition of the Disko is tight but it could well become insufferable after a few listens.

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