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In honour of International Women’s Day, I have compiled a list of influential women from the North East and spoken to creators of the Sunderland-based women’s podcast ‘Rebel Women’ about the importance of having northern women in the media. Denise Welch – a North East legend known for her appearances in shows such as Coronation […]

The clock is ticking for University of Sunderland students to elect this year’s Presidents. After a long week of rallying to get in our students’ votes, the process is due to come to an end with final votes needing to be made by 2pm March 8. Incredible candidates across different categories are all in with […]

A rise in the top 40 artists releasing more music on vinyl is helping independent shops to flourish in a time when high street footfall is at the lowest it has ever been.  According to the ERA (Entertainment Retail Association), 36.7% of total physical music sales last year were in independent shops.  This rise is […]

Mining is an integral part of Sunderland’s history; everyone knows someone who worked in the ‘pits’, and those who were affected by the strikes have their say, 40 years on. The Miners’ strike of 1984 was a huge moment in the history of British coal mining. The strikes consisted of thousands of miners and their […]

A proposed film studio in Sunderland got one step closer to becoming reality after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced funding for the project in Wednesday’s budget.  Hunt announced that the Crown Work Studios project would receive up to £120m of Government funding.  The project is a joint venture between Fulwell 73 and Cain International, who have […]

The UK government stated it plans to introduce a new tax on vapes and vaping products alongside a plan to ban disposable vapes to try and tackle the epidemic of children vaping. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt stated in the 2024 Budget that a new duty for vaping products will come into action by October 2026. The […]

More than half of knife crime convictions are by first-time offenders. Charities have spoken out on what should be done to prevent it 58% of the 430 people found guilty of knife and offensive weapon offences in the area were first-time offenders. In light of the 5th anniversary of Sunderland boy Connor Brown’s death due […]

A new survey has found that 13-16 year olds across the UK prefer to pursue a career as a doctor. The NHS was the top-ranked organisation or business to work for and is one of the largest hiring employers in the country, ahead of other companies like Apple and Microsoft. More than 4,000 youths were […]

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