Author: William Simpson

Former teacher trainee from South Shields, Gillian Wilkinson, gave us her opinion on the current state of Disability Awareness within UK state schools. Wilkinson previously worked as a teacher trainee in South Shields Community School (which closed in 2020), and now works in the North East, teaching GCSE Business, A-Level Business and Law. According to […]

With summer less than 15 weeks away, it’s time to prepare and plan that weekend away that you have longed for all year round.  The North East has many beautiful spots and locations which will tick all the boxes you are looking for this summer. So, let’s look at the top-rated weekend away locations in […]

A petition for making suicide prevention a compulsory part of the school curriculum has reached over 100,000 signatures in the UK – with 531 from Middlesbrough.  In 2021, Samaritans recorded 5,219 suicides in the UK, with 74% of them being men. According to Samaritans statistics, males are 2.9 times more likely to die by suicide […]

Sunderland residents have been reacting to the news that Stagecoach bus drivers will be staging a strike over the Christmas period. The GMB union, which represents the drivers, announced 10 new strike days, including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Operations Manager Sarah Peart, 33, feels the strikes are unfair, adding: “It will have an affect […]

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