Christmas Bus Strikes: Your Say

Written by on 8th November 2022

Sunderland residents have been reacting to the news that Stagecoach bus drivers will be staging a strike over the Christmas period.

The GMB union, which represents the drivers, announced 10 new strike days, including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Operations Manager Sarah Peart, 33, feels the strikes are unfair, adding: “It will have an affect on younger people, especially students and people who want to return home for Christmas.”

Peart also fears the strikes may have a negative impact on the economy as it could prevent people from doing their Christmas shopping.

Ernest Chisenga, 48, believes the drivers could be entitled to a pay rise, saying: “If you have been working for a while, maybe six years or 10 years, without a raise then it is definitely fair.”

Scott Thirtle, 27, thinks more should be done to help the public understand why the drivers are taking action, saying: “They should be telling us why they are striking, rather than waving orange flags and shouting at bus drivers.”

19-year-old student Matthew McKenry feels that it is not fair to hold the strikes over Christmas, “It is a busy time for everyone, who will be seeing their families and loved ones.”

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