Sunderland student worried after minimum wage for skilled worker visa rises drastically

Written by on 17th May 2024

The UK government has decided that from April 4th the minimum wage required for a skilled worker visa rises to £38,700.

Until April this year, the minimum wage employers had to pay to sponsor someone for a skilled worker visa was £26,200.

This is an increase of almost 50% and it is a worry to international students.

Students on a student visa are currently able to switch to a graduate visa after they finish their education, which allows them to stay in the UK for up to two years.

After that, they are required to find a job that is willing to sponsor them for a skilled worker visa which allows people to stay and work in the UK.

The drastic increase in the minimum wage worries students as employers may not be willing to pay that much of a minimum wage, especially with the UK being in a cost of living crisis.

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