Unlocking the Northeast: The Surging Appeal Drawing People to the Region

Written by on 17th May 2024

The Northeast of England has seen an increase in population in recent years. UK-Population, a population database in the UK, has stated that Newcastle, which is the biggest city in the Northeast, has seen a population growth of 5,542 since 2022, but what is the reason for the continuous growth?  

We spoke to London-born Wayne Kelly on the streets of Newcastle to get an insight into what drove him to make the move to the Northeast of England.  

The region offers a low cost of living, with the average rental property costing £662 per month, whereas the South of England has an average monthly rent of £1,359 according to The Office for National Statistics.

This affordability opens a variety of doors for both residents and newcomers, as it allows people and families to stretch their earnings further, enabling a higher standard of living, as people can afford more amenities, leisure activities and experiences without going over their monthly budgets. Additionally, this lower cost of living can make homeowning more attainable, which allows individuals to build equity. 

The region also has numerous awards, in 2022, South Shields Beach, Sandhaven, was named ‘UK Beach of The Year’ according to The Sunday Times annual best beaches guide. The beach is also a ‘blue flag beach’ which means it is one of the cleanest beaches in the UK. Whitley Bay, in North Tyneside, has also been named ‘The best place to live in the UK’ in 2023 and 2024 by the Sunday Times official list and has now been joined by Heaton, in Newcastle. The Sunday Times base their lists on schools, transport, culture, access to green spaces and the health of the high street. The ratings of these two North East towns have without a doubt contributed to why so many people are migrating to the region.  

Image courtesy Ellie Byrne.

The region is also home to five universities, with Newcastle University being a member of the ‘Russell Group’ – which is a group of 24 prestigious leading UK universities and offers students high-quality learning. The Northeast is also popular with students due to its lively and cheaper nightlife, with drinks costing three times less than the UK’s captial city of London.

The Northeast also boasts a welcoming community atmosphere, making students’ experiences enjoyable. The lower cost of living, compared to other parts of the UK, also makes the region more attractive to young students as they have less financial burden and a high quality of education. According to the Northeast Evidence Hub 3 out of 4 students permanently reside in the Northeast once finishing their studies. 

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