New Tyne and Wear Metro’s delayed until end of 2024

Written by on 12th February 2024

The new trains on the Tyne and Wear Metro system have been delayed again until the end of 2024 despite setting aims of running the updated fleet by summer 2023.

Nexus Tyne & Wear Metro, South Gosforth. Credit: Alamy

The current Metros have recorded the lowest punctuality of 61% for four weeks between 11 November – 9 December. This is the lowest in the history of the Tyne and Wear Metro as passengers patiently wait for new trains.

Now the newly proposed Tyne and Wear Metro’s are now delayed until the end of 2024. This is the latest setback for passengers who would have hoped for the new Metros to be running now as the original target was for the trains to be gradually introduced between the summer of 2023 and early 2025.

Michael Richardson, Head of Fleet and Depot Replacement at Nexus, said: “We’ve identified that further testing of some of the systems on the new trains in very specific conditions is required, and we are working together with our partners at Stadler on this.”

Richardson added: “This unfortunately will impact the current delivery timescales, but we won’t know the extent of this until the additional testing is concluded.”

The current fleet of Metro’s are currently struggling to keep up with the modern-day needs of the customers.

David Punton, communications officer for Nexus, told Spark: “We remain focused on getting the best possible performance from our current trains. Stadler is working closely with suppliers to source spare parts for the ageing fleet, and we have invested further in maintenance of the current trains.”

Punton also said: “Bringing in heaters adapted from the airline industry to protect the current trains through winter. This has recently helped improve fleet availability since Christmas.”

Since Christmas, the punctuality of the fleet has improved by 20% rising to 81% between 10 December to 6 January and Nexus hopes that figure continues to rise until the end of the year.

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