Silksworth pit wheel returns home after 50 years in nearby village

Written by on 5th May 2023

The Silksworth pit wheel was formally opened on Saturday (April 29) by the Mayor of Sunderland after it was found in Albany, Washington; only eight miles from Silksworth.

Councillor Philip Tye, who represents Silksworth ward called for the pit wheel to return to Silksworth after discovering its whereabouts.

One of the residents spotted the wheel four years ago and Cllr Tye has been lobbying for the return to of the wheel to Silksworth ever since by bringing it up in meetings with councillors and speaking to residents of both villages.

The residents of Silksworth wanted the wheel to return to the former pit village and even raised money for additions surrounding the wheel including a memorial bench and mining carts.

The wheel was used in Silksworth from 1868 to 1971 and will be replaced in Albany by an F-pit wheel to pay homage to their local heritage.

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