Written by on 16th February 2023

Thousands of Newcastle United fans have been celebrating in recent weeks after being able to buy their tickets for the Carabao Cup final, but not all of the fans are happy.

On February 2, 2023 Newcastle United released the breakdown of how they would be selling their tickets for the Carabao Cup final.

However, now all the tickets have been sold, some supporters are not happy with the way the club handled the sale of tickets.

The breakdown saw the club’s supporters split into seven different periods, periods one to three gave anyone in them a chance to purchase their ticket when they went on sale.

For anyone in periods four to seven, the club had set up a ballot system, period four still included season ticket holders, five to seven were members categories.

This ended up with some season ticket holders missing out on tickets and members getting them instead, which they saw as unfair.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust took to twitter to address Newcastle fans, they explained that after contacting the club they received confirmation that 97% of the tickets sold were sold to current season ticket holders.

Spark have had several responses from Newcastle fans on whether or not they thought the sale of the tickets was done in a fair way.

Jonny Capon-Casey said: “100% the fairest way to do it, I didn’t get one and knew I wasn’t going to, the people who are going week in and week out, home and away should always have been the priority to get tickets, I don’t think they could have done it any fairer to be honest.”

Adam Ovington said: ” First off, 30,000 tickets for each set of fans in a 90,000 seater stadium is a joke. On the club, some season ticket holders have lost out on tickets to people who have been to one game in the last three years.

Season ticket holders should be the priority for cup final tickets along with point holding season ticket holders.”

Paul McElderry said: “Don’t have a problem with it. I knew I would not be eligible being a member down south and not being able to go to midweek games at home due to work commitments, I think it was as fair as possible in the time allowed.

Frances McGurk said: “The amount of season ticket holders who I know that haven’t got tickets to Wembley including us is a joke!

We’ve been there through the Mike Ashley days, but because we had only bee to two cup matches, we got put in the ballot. People I know who have got tickets most of them only started to go when the take over happened so I think its unfair!

Season ticket holders should have had priority then the rest went into a ballot. We have a heartbroken little boy at home.”

Spark have contacted Newcastle United and the Supporters Trust for comment on the fairness of ticket sales and will update this story if and when responses are received.


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