Top five pizza places to celebrate National Pizza Day in the North East

Written by on 9th February 2023

It’s National Pizza Day today and here at Spark we want to help you celebrate in the right way and make sure you don’t miss out!

You can’t go wrong with pizza and depending on your preferences it can be suited for everyone, whether you’re vegetarian or gluten-free there’s something for everyone.

So here at Spark we have created a top five list of amazing Italians from Tyne and Wear to celebrate and enjoy this super yummy day.

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Wild Fire Pizza

Starting off strong in the heart of Sunderland is Wild Fire Pizza. Wild fire is a local business ran by a couple of local lads positioned in The Ship Isis, which has a great atmosphere and they make high quality pizzas with fresh homemade dough. This definitely shows within their pizza as they are so fresh and always hot. They have a wide range menu from spicy to sweet, however if you do need to make any adjustments that’s totally fine as there’s something for everyone and they just want you to enjoy their tasty pizza!

Wildfire have told us with every pizza order you will receive a freshly baked pizza bread with marinated tomatoes and burrata! How good is that!


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Again in the heart of Sunderland, Roma is a very traditional Italian with a huge menu and very authentic pizzas which would be perfect for today. Their bases are nice and thin with lots of different toppings and vegetarian options as well. The restaurant itself is super cute and adds to the experience, what more could you ask for!

Roma said “All our pizzas are 12inch thin crust, freshly prepared each day.”

They don’t have any deals on but their pizzas are only £6.95 and if you spend over £40 you will receive a free bottle of wine which will definitely be a good idea with valentines round the corner.


Fabios pizza is definitely one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, they taste sooooo good their bases are perfect as they’re just in the middle and they’re huge and so filling. Fabios is in Chester-Le-Street and also has a cocktail bar upstairs so after your pizza go treat yourself! My favourite is pepperoni which some might see as plain but not at Fabios! It’s just the right level of spice with the cheese being so fresh. Now I know this is about pizzas but they do unreal potato skins as a starter as well and for some reason their garlic sauce tastes like no one else, I wish I could have a huge tub at home.

Fabios don’t have a deal for national pizza day however their happy hour is a starter and main for £11.95 which is totally worth it as the portions are massive and super filling. You’ll probably have enough to take home!


Uno Momento 

Uno Momento is a super sweet Italian in the market square in Durham. This place is honestly a hidden gem, its beautiful! Not only is the pizza huge and fresh the restaurant itself has such a lovely vibe and is lush in the summer when you can sit outside in the sun. Now their portion sizes are amazing, even my little brother who will finish everything even got full and had to take it home so this place is totally worth it. Their menu has options for everyone and for every occasion but would defiantly be worth it for pizza day.

Their happy hour is really good as well as its a starter and pizza for £16.95 which is great for how big their portions are.


Scream For Pizza 

Scream For Pizza is an unreal pizza in Newcastle which is insane. Their vibes are super cool and their pizzas are all freshly made which has been proved for 48 hours which is then cooked in a wood fired oven. They even have a wide range of vegan options as well and you can’t even tell the difference!

They don’t have any deals on at the moment but their pizzas only cost from £9 and they look amazing!


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With all these selections it may be hard to choose but you can’t go wrong with any!

And YES pineapple does belong on pizza…

Let us know at @SparkSunderland on Instagram how you celebrate national pizza day today and tag us in your pictures! 


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