Sunderland Labour MP Bridget Phillipson’s plans for apprenticeships and education

Written by on 9th February 2023

Bridget Phillipson took aim at the Government today, saying that the Conservatives have overseen “a decade of decline in skills and training opportunities”.


This has happened at the start of National Apprenticeship Week, while apprenticeships were down 6.1% at the start of the 2022/23 academic year.

Labour plan to hire over a thousand careers advisers and give students two weeks worth of work experience. They plan to end the tax breaks that private schools benefit from in an attempt to make sure that students “leave education ready for work and ready for life”.

Bridget Phillipson has said that it will be a national mission for Labour to boost the nations skills and to do this the Labour party plan to bring in an outside skills task-force to help with this mission, Skills England.

With four in 10 young people leaving education and half feeling unprepared for their futures, this skills task force could bring a new breath of life into apprenticeships and also into the education system in the country, allowing people who are leaving education and hopefully encourage more young people to pursue apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships have been steadily declining, with 200,000 less people looking to go into apprenticeships, the Labour Party are looking to revitalise a damaged industry.

Bridget also looked to the education system and how a Labour government could improve the education system vowing that every student would be taught by a qualified teacher.

Labour plan to do this by encouraging teachers to embrace learning opportunities and by also investing in the recruitment of thousands of new teaching staff to help the situation of the education system which has been pummelled by strikes, cuts of funding and teachers being overworked and underpaid.

Union demands and strikes have also been a sign of contention under the Conservative party. the Labour Party plans to form a partnership between Trade Unions, employers and the Government as a way to sort out problems between the groups and to prevent strike action from Unions.

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