Qatar World Cup- Sunderland has their say

Written by on 4th November 2022

With the start of World Cup being just two weeks away, Spark set about the streets of Sunderland to gauge the local opinion on the tournament.

The controversial Qatar World Cup is on the horizon with many being opposed to the idea of the competition being held there due to the poor human rights records in the country.

The people of Sunderland voiced their displeasure of Qatar holding the most prestigious competition in football. We asked the community their thoughts on whether the competition should be held there or not.

Lewis, 18, gave a passionate response on the matter, saying that: “It’s corrupt, it’s abhorrent. It breaches all human rights abuses.”

“It’s massively disruptive to the television schedules. For example Formula One have finished their season for the earliest since 2010.” The 18-year-old branded the people at Fifa as “idiots”.

Meanwhile, Paul said: “It shouldn’t be [held there], because of the human rights issues and there’s been an issue with the stadium, with workers being injured and even being killed.”

A retail worker at JD Sports said that the competition is being held at the ‘wrong time of the year’, saying that: “everyone is busy working and no one will be able to watch it.”

Sarah, 53, stated that: “It shouldn’t be held at this time of year”, questioning why it isn’t being held in the summer.

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