‘Not just survive, but thrive’: Starmer sets out Labour ambition

Written by on 28th September 2022

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer made his keynote speech at his party conference calling in a new ambitious plan for a potential Labour Government – including the nationalisation of the clean-energy sector.

Positioning himself as a Prime Minister in waiting, the Labour leader used his speech to make key policy commitments surrounding the NHS, business, homeownership, energy and justice. 

Clean energy was a key focus of this speech as Sir Keir Starmer re-emphasised the party’s commitment to 100% clean energy by 2030 and promised a new energy company, Great British Energy, that will see the clean-energy sector come under public ownership within the first year of governing.

“A fairer, greener, more dynamic nation. That’s my commitment to you.”

Sir Keir Starmer

Starmer also committed to the host of the conference, Liverpool, “to put the Hillsborough Law on the statute book”, citing the “call for justice” by the city. 

He went on to echo commitments that Labour Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves’ announced in her previous speech, promising “an extra 7,500 medical students every year… double the number of district nurses, 5,000 new health visitors, 10,000 extra nursing placements.”

On the economy, Labour “will scrap business rates”, replacing them with a new system and “invite them [businesses] to drive forward our modern industrial strategy”. 

Homeownership became another focus, with Labour setting a ” 70% home ownership” target, emphasising “working people’s aspiration”.

Reaction from the party seems positive as Chris Bryant, MP, tweets: 

MP’s and conference attendees continued to show their support throughout as Starmer sets out the core message to build “A fairer, Greener Future”, setting his sights on the future for the British people. He and his party will aim to “restore our sense of collective hope”, extending to all regions and areas in the country, directly referencing areas in the northeast like Sunderland and Teesside.

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck tweets her reaction: 

Describing himself as “the political wing of the British people”, Starmer may wish to take full advantage of what he dubbed a “Labour moment.” 

But the Labour leader didn’t shy away from potential challenges that lie ahead, citing the need to show that “it’s possible to govern with integrity” and that the changes planned “won’t be easy”. This all comes as Labour are ahead in the polls at 45% according to the latest YouGov poll

This follows the Conservative Government who set out their plans for the economy and growth in last week’s mini-budget which involved major tax cuts. With the Conservative party conference set to take place the weekend after Labour’s, all eyes will be on PM Liz Truss and what she has to say in contrast to her Labour rival.

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