Gateshead charity organisation The Children’s Society confirm a post-pandemic rise in sales as restrictions are lifted 

Written by on 11th May 2022

Image credit: Adam Tones

The global pandemic has had a major effect on many businesses with charity shops being one; that have struggled to keep their doors open.

Elaine Ryder, manager of The Children’s Society charity in Birtley, is thrilled with her shop’s return since restrictions have reduced.

The store manager highlighted the importance of donations with The Children’s Society being one charity that heavily relies on public donations.

However, Elaine confirmed donations have dropped in recent weeks due to the ongoing support offered to the people of Ukraine.  

As the pandemic hit, many businesses turned to online shopping, an area that the charity are unable to take advantage of due to the ever-changing donations received. 

As many shoppers have started ordering their items online the popularity of in-store shopping has reduced.

Surprisingly, online shopping has helped The Children’s Society, with customers now preferring; to view before purchasing.

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