Sunderland residents comment on how Covid-19 has changed their drinking habits

Written by on 1st November 2021

Image Credit: Radharc Images / Alamy Images

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused changes in habits and routines for many. With pubs being closed and plans of social gatherings cancelled, socialising wasn’t possible.

Now that restrictions have fully lifted, the chance to socialise is back. Some were eager to get out, whereas others weren’t as keen to.

We asked Sunderland residents how Covid-19 had affected their drinking habits.

Rachel Owens, 40, a mental health support coordinator said: “Nothing changed for me. I drank about the same as usual, but my partner drank more because there was nothing to do.”

Susan McGee, 48, police officer: “Not at all. I don’t drink an awful lot and being isolated didn’t change that. My habits didn’t change before, during or after Covid.”

Jamie Fox, 34, education manager: “I drink more. I think I became more comfortable drinking in the house in the week, whereas before I would only drink on a weekend.”

Claire Milford, 34, dietetic clinician: “I’ve drunk less. I’ve never been one for drinking in the house, so with the pubs being closed, I wasn’t bothered. Mind you, if I hadn’t been pregnant and had a baby it could have been a whole different story.”

Balroop Sandher, 20, student: “I’d say I drink a little more since it started. During lockdown, I stopped drinking as much, so when they lifted the lockdown I started drinking more socially.”

Adele Stott, 44, social worker: “Covid hasn’t affected my life through alcohol, but I did find I was eating more chocolate and crisps.”

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