North East residents mixed on impact of early Christmas preparations

Written by on 21st October 2021

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The run-up to Christmas seems to start earlier each year.

With the festive season fast approaching, we asked residents in the North East what they thought of the early Christmas preparations, and whether they were ready for this year’s festive spirit.

Linda Walker, a dog walker from South Shields said: “It can’t start soon enough for me. The sooner the better. I love everything about it. I love shopping for the grandkids.”

Anne Parkinson, a mature student studying Creative Writing at Sunderland University, said: “No, it seems to start as soon as the kids go back to school. It’s far too early. It shouldn’t start until well into November.”

Sue Pearson, 33, who works in Primark, said: “Christmas starts in January for me as I do all my Christmas shopping in the sales. It’s much cheaper and then I can forget about it until it comes around again.”

Les Rivett, 58 and studying Criminology at Sunderland University, said: “I think we need to get bonfire night out of the way first, then we can start thinking about Christmas.”

Liam Jones, 19, who works in McDonald’s said: “It doesn’t bother me either way really. My mam likes to start early and my dad just lets her get on with it.”

James Slater, 21, who works at Northumbria University, said: “I feel it all definitely starts too early. It puts pressure on us all, especially when you have to start buying presents for everyone.”

“I never used to have to do this but now I’m older and working, it’s something I have to think about. I think if we weren’t reminded of it so early, it would definitely be a lot easier.”

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