In honour of International Women’s Day, I have compiled a list of influential women from the North East and spoken to creators of the Sunderland-based women’s podcast ‘Rebel Women’ about the importance of having northern women in the media. Denise Welch – a North East legend known for her appearances in shows such as Coronation […]

Former Sunderland and Cardiff City defender, Gary Bennett has backed plans for a new governing body for women’s football saying the news comes at a “good time.” North East teams Sunderland Women and Durham Women are among the clubs in the Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship that unanimously voted to establish a new governing […]

With recent sparks of debate over women’s only spaces and gyms, I headed to Bodyzone Fitness to find out just how important they are. Bodyzone Fitness is a women’s only gym located in the centre of Newcastle. It recently converted into from a mixed sex gym after increased demand for women’s only gyms. Whilst there […]

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