Want to adopt a cat but worried about the cat hair all around the house? Here are 10 cats that don’t shed (or shed less)!   1. Sphynx  Sphynx cats don’t shed at all because they have a genetic mutation that makes them hairless. Their body oils usually build up on their skin making them […]

As more animals are brought into the facilities, animal rescue organisations are feeling the strain of the escalating demand.   Pressure on animal rescue centres: Pawz For Thought interview  Cats, rats, and mice are among the most frequently surrendered animals, and the cost-of-living crisis has played a significant role in the staggering number of animals entering […]

A Newcastle cat café have recently hosted successful adoption and fundraiser days on behalf of Hartlepool cat rescue, Second Chance. Mog on the Tyne cat café have worked with the rescue for several years and some of their resident moggies (Pumpkin, Yokai and Kiyo!) have been adopted from Second Chance. As well as the adoption […]

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