Author: Quinn Dudley

In October, I reported on a Sunderland strongman Tom Owens who had been invited to attend his first Strongman Games in Florida. The games have come and gone, and Tom is back home, and I wanted to see it went. Tom completed the games placing 27th out of the 40 who qualified. When asked how […]

A Sunderland man has been invited to take part in the Official Strongman Games (OSG) 2022 in Florida and is asking for help to get him there. This coming November in Florida over 400 men and women are coming together to take part in the Official Strongman Games. One of these people is Tom Owens, […]

Dungeons & Dragons players are split between in-person and hybrid methods to play games in a post-pandemic world. Speaking to a group of D&D players from across the North East who either started playing or had groups who moved online during the pandemic, there is a mix of preferred opinions on whether their groups should […]

Having finally being able to get into playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) over the last year I decided to ask some fellow players from across the North East what their best moments playing the game. Below are the top 10 responses I received (and some honourable mentions). 10. Wait? You’re a Noob?! I’m going to […]

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