Self-Employed Photographer Turns to Retail During Cost-of-Living Crisis

Written by on 9th May 2024

The cost-of-living crisis is an issue faced by many in the UK today, as rising prices and increases to household bills are forcing people to make difficult decisions.    

One such person is Robert Burton, a self-employed photographer living and working in the County Durham area. As a result of rising costs in shops, increases to his monthly bills and difficulties finding work as a photographer, he’s had to seek other means of employment to increase his income.

He now works part-time in the retail industry, a position he originally left to pursue a self-employed career as a photographer.  

Much of Robert’s work can be found online on various social media platforms, including YouTube, under the name ‘Local Landscapes’. Here, he posts a variety of short videos exploring a variety of landscapes in the Durham area.

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