The top 10 career path choices for 13-16 year olds revealed

Written by on 7th March 2024

A new survey has found that 13-16 year olds across the UK prefer to pursue a career as a doctor.

The NHS was the top-ranked organisation or business to work for and is one of the largest hiring employers in the country, ahead of other companies like Apple and Microsoft.

More than 4,000 youths were surveyed across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and new entries in the survey were becoming an artist, ranking at eight, and building trade, ranking at 10.

Professor Yitka Graham, Head of the Helen McArdle Nursing and Care Research Institute at the University of Sunderland, said: “The NHS is one of the most precious assets the UK has … and is a source of pride for our country.”

Having worked with the NHS, Professor Graham added: “It is likely that the pandemic has influenced peoples’ perception of the NHS, as it was crucial in managing the UK’s response to Covid.”

The top ten career choices on the survey carried out by BBC Bitesize

Dr. Duncan Cross, Head of the School of Education at the University of Sunderland, said: “Many public sector professions have suffered from negative perceptions, especially post-pandemic, and I’m really excited to see that 13–16-year-olds are seriously considering the teaching profession.

“There has been a real effort to enhance the teaching career through the introduction of the Early Career Framework to support early career teachers, and I know that colleagues across the sector are looking at how we can encourage people into teaching through more flexible working patterns.

“Hopefully great funding in the future will support some of these developments for teaching careers.”

The top nine business or organisation choices on the survey carried out by BBC Bitesize

Young adults have shown interest in policing, as it is ranked ninth in overall career choice and sixth in desired company to work for.

Those surveyed said that the look for happiness is the leading force when pursuing a career.

The most important things to have while working in the survey carried out by BBC Bitesize

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