Anti-knife crime charities on how to prevent first time offenders

Written by on 7th March 2024

More than half of knife crime convictions are by first-time offenders. Charities have spoken out on what should be done to prevent it

58% of the 430 people found guilty of knife and offensive weapon offences in the area were first-time offenders.

In light of the 5th anniversary of Sunderland boy Connor Brown’s death due to a knife attack, Tanya Brown, Connor’s mother and a member of the charity ‘The Connor Brown Trust’ spoke on what she believes needs to be done.

“Unfortunately, our youth are carrying knives for many reasons and the most common ones being peer pressure and to feel safe.

“I genuinely believe that the majority of young people don’t ever think they will use the knife they are carrying. However, in a realistic situation, they react with major consequences, and by then sometimes it is too late.

“Through workshops, we go into detail of how knife crime impact everyone and the reality that actions have consequences.”

A member from the leading anti-knife crime charity the ‘Ben Kinsella Trust’ said:

“We need to do far more to protect young people.

“Social media dramatises knives which desensitises young people to the actual risk of carrying a knife.

“They see people with knives and think they need to have one to defend themselves.

“Educating young people through workshops is the best strategy and positive intervention through opening youth centres and activities to keep kids off the streets.”

In the year ending March 2018, recent data from the House of Commons Library, tell us that 6.5% of 10–15-year-olds knew someone who carried a knife.

Statistics from the Ben Kinsella Trust also tell us that there has been 48,716, a 5% increase, in police-recorded offences involving a knife in the last 12 months ending 2023.

244 murders involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales were recorded in the 12 months to March 2023.

78 people aged under 25 were murdered with a knife or sharp object in the 12 months to March 2022. 10 were aged under 16.

To anonymously report a knife crime ring: 0800 555 111

To anonymously dispose of a knife, knife bins are situated at police stations in Durham, Darlington, Peterlee and Bishop Auckland.

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