North East travel hit with delays after heavy snowfall

Written by on 1st December 2023

Since Wednesday, the North East has experienced heavy snowfall, creating challenging conditions for transportation.

The region has been hit with cold, icy conditions since the start of the week with some areas experiencing record-low temperatures. This has impacted traffic and travel across the North East, with a number of transport services experiencing delays. Here are the latest travel updates:


The metro system is also affected, with delays of up to 20 minutes or more across services. Commuters are advised to check the most recent train times and service updates through the Pop App for real-time information.


Bus services face disruptions due to weather conditions and technical issues, leading to some buses being out of operation. Delays in bus schedules range from 20 to 40 minutes. Passengers are encouraged to use service providers’ applications and monitor official pages for accurate information and updates.


The adverse weather conditions also impacted the Tyne Tunnels, causing temporary stoppage of northbound traffic. Currently, traffic is moving slowly, and Tyne Tunnels staff are actively working to facilitate a smoother flow.

As highlighted on Tyne Tunnels ‘ Twitter account, commuters are thanked for their patience during these challenging conditions.

Looking ahead, the weather forecast indicates a sunny afternoon with temperatures reaching 2°C. However, after 3 pm, snowfall and freezing temperatures around 0°C are expected, emphasising the need for continued caution on the roads and public transport systems.

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