The latest NEU strikes in the North East and the effect they have

Written by on 11th May 2023

The North East saw its latest round of closures and strike activity on Tuesday May 2 with many different schools facing different levels of teaching available.

The continuing disagreements between the National Education Union and the government regarding payments to teachers has led to action being taken in the form of striking, in the North East of England schools across the area differ in terms of their availability. This strike took place due to the 98% rejection from the members of the NEU on the pay and funding offer on a two-thirds turnout.

The Department for Education described their offer as “fair and reasonable” and said that schools would receive an extra £2.3 billion over the next two years.

All four unions involved in the dispute rejected the offer as they said it was still not fully funded, meaning schools would have had to make cuts elsewhere to afford it.

Should no agreement be put in place that is deemed acceptable then teaching unions will come together and lay out plans on tackling the Autumn term.

With schools having limited availability children are missing out on their education they need to achieve their targets set for them. Students who now don’t go to school due to the actions taking place may be detrimental to parent’s days in terms of those who work during the day and now have no place for their children to be.

The video below is an interview with teaching assistant Holly Spark.

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