Interview with Sunderland charity Hope4Kidz, “supporting children with learning disabilities, trauma, poverty”

Written by on 11th May 2023

I recently had the oportunity to interview Vivien Watts the chief executive of Hope4Kidz charity. She speaks about what the charity raises awarness for and what donations the charity accepts.

Hope4Kidz is a local sunderland charity ‘supporting children with learning difficulties, trauma and poverty’. Hope4Kidz organises free events which brings familes and comunities together. Their most recent major event was the Easter appeal and all donations such as toys and easter eggs ‘go to children in hospitals and hospices.’

Hope4Kidz accept donations of ‘toys, new clothes’ and money donations. Another donation Hope4Kidz accepts is volunteers helping out with ‘events, in the office and admin’. Volunteering with Hope4Kidz looks amazing on cvs and if people need help getting back into work and if they can help they will.

links to their website and facebook page.


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