Internet usage and Cyber Security in the UK

Written by on 11th May 2023

Cyber-attacks have increased due to the world’s increased connectivity during the pandemic. Which strategies should you use to combat them?

Globally, the world has resorted to the virtual world since 2020, when the Covid pandemic hit. Since it became impossible to fulfil basic needs outside, the population’s basic needs had to be met internally.

Since 2006, the Office for National Statistics has reported a significant increase in global connectivity in the UK. The average increase for households in 2006 was 50%, but by 2020, the average increase was 75-86%.

In 2020, global pandemics played a significant role in the rise in cases. With the increase in hyper connectivity, cybercrime has increased.

Public connectivity makes it easier for hackers to access sensitive information, especially if navigational protocols aren’t protected.

As a result, the question arises, “How can the public reduce cybercrime risk?”

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