The Cost-of-Living and Depression: A North-East NHS professional gives their thoughts.

Written by on 10th May 2023

Spark Sunderland has asked a NHS professional what they think of the cost-of-living crisis and the rates of depression in the UK. 

The cost-of-living crisis has affected many people living in the UK today, and a study released by the Office for National Statistics has suggested that 24% of those who reported difficulty paying their energy bills experienced moderate to severe depressive symptoms, compared to the 9% that found it easy to pay them.  

It also suggested that, of working-age adults between 16 and 64, those who earned less than £10,000 were most likely to suffer from moderate to severe depressive symptoms (29%). In comparison, those who earned more than £50,000 were the least likely to suffer (8%). 

And while the study doesn’t suggest a causal link between the cost of living and rates of depression in the population, it does raise the question as to why this is happening. Spark spoke to a member of the NHS about why they think the difference is so large. 

The article released by the Office for National Statistics can be found here

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