Glass art exhibition in National Glass Centre

Written by on 12th April 2023

The National Glass Centre in Sunderland is currently hosting an exhibition titled Confluence, which showcases the work of glass artists from around the world.
The exhibition is a celebration of the diverse and innovative approaches to glass-making and features a range of pieces that demonstrate the versatility and beauty of this unique medium.
The exhibition is divided into several sections, each of which explores a different theme or technique. The first section is dedicated to the use of colour in glass-making. Visitors can see a range of pieces that showcase the different ways in which colour can be used to create depth, texture, and mood in glass art.
Some of the pieces use bold and vibrant colours, while others use more subtle and muted tones, creating a harmonious and balanced effect.
Another section of the exhibition focuses on the use of texture and pattern in glass-making. Here, visitors can see a range of pieces that showcase the intricate and detailed patterns that can be achieved through different techniques, such as fusing, casting, and etching. These works of art demonstrate the extraordinary skill and craftsmanship of the artists, as well as the beauty and complexity of glass as a medium.
One of the highlights of the exhibition is a section dedicated to the use of light in glass art. Here, visitors can see a range of pieces that use light and shadow to create stunning visual effects. Some of the pieces use natural light to create a shimmering and ethereal effect, while others use artificial light to create a more dramatic and intense effect.
Confluence is a fascinating and engaging exhibition that showcases the incredible creativity and skill of contemporary glass artists. Whether you are a fan of glass art or simply interested in exploring new and innovative forms of art, this exhibition is well worth a visit.

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