Metro operator Nexus plans to increase ticket prices from April 1

Written by on 11th March 2023

Metro operator Nexus is increasing ticket prices by 14%, for those who do not have Nexus digital payment methods.

Nexus is urging people to use their smart prepaid ‘Pop’ cards or smartphone, saying this is going to save them more on fares instead of using ticket vending machines.

The One Zone ticket which allows customers travel for about five miles, two Zone (10 miles) and all zone (19 miles) four-week Metro Season Ticket will be increased by 11% from April 1.

For instance, the price for a One Zone Day travel ticket using the pay as you go has been £1.65 for two years, while the ticket vending machine price was £2.30 in 2022, which will rise by 30p from April 1.

Customer services director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “Under our fares proposal customers who switch to Pop Pay As You Go will save more than £1 a day.

“Nexus is also recommending that prices for young people aged 16 to 21 using Pop Blue or Pop 19-21 smart cards will be frozen and there will be a further freeze in the price of Gold Cards for older and disabled customers at £12 a year.”

Sunderland Metro user Ryan Jackson said: “The ticket prices have been an inconvenience because I use the Metro to and from work.”

Another Metro user Charlie Beans said: “I’m probably going to end up riding a bike or walking.”

Nexus says it’s increasing fare prices because of high operating cost, which includes electricity.

Customers can apply for a free Pop card online through the Nexus website or use Pay As You Go on Google Pay if they have an Android smartphone.

The Metro carries around 37 million passengers a year and has 60 stations with trains running up to every three minutes at peak time with over a thousand employees.

Nexus, which is a non-profit organisation, says: “they require Government support alongside the revenue they get from fares, to keep the network running.”

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