Fenwick’s Christmas window 2022: mixed emotions

Written by on 10th November 2022

Fenwick’s Christmas window theme was revealed as Clarice Bean: Think Like an Elf at their Newcastle department store, with the first in person unveiling since 2019.
This year’s window was themed after Lauren Child’s Clarice Bean book series, with a private unveiling on Sunday, November 6 where part of Northumberland Street was blocked off for children from local schools and hospital. 

People have taken to social media to express their opinions on this year’s window, with some finding it a “let down” of a reveal. 
On Twitter, user @Dobblesworth posted “they have managed to do a dreadful Fenwick window” and thinks that less people will walk down one of Newcastle’s most popular streets because of it. 
The morning after the private unveiling, Facebook user said: “We needed a real heartwarming Christmas cheering up… this year’s theme isn’t traditional Christmas”. With another user arguing that the theme isn’t Christmas enough commenting: “Clarince Bean? More like Mr Bean”.

Not everyone was disappointed with the theme of this year’s Christmas window, local resident and student Lois Xeros, 19, told us “Seeing the window as I passed by made me feel a sense of nostalgia… the theme was cute, and their private unveiling for unwell and underprivileged was a thoughtful gesture”.
There was also an online reveal available which allowed for anyone and everyone to watch worldwide on YouTube, this was also to avoid overcrowding at the actual store. The online video included illustrations of the Clarice Bean characters in eight different scenes. 
The window also sparked some creative inspiration, with Ben Leslie posting on Twitter a drawing he did while viewing the Christmas window.

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