Should Matt Hancock be criticised for taking part in I’m a Celeb 2022?

Written by on 4th November 2022

We asked the people of Sunderland their opinion on the former Health Secretary’s  decision to sign up for the hit reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Brad, 42 accountant, said: ” He shouldn’t be going, he’s laughing in our faces doing it and it’s one big joke to him.”

This appeared to be a common opinion amongst the public due to his role as Health Secretary during the Covid-19 19 pandemic, which was scrutinised and eventually saw him step down after breaking Covid-19  restrictions he set out at the time.

Darren, 19, retail worker, said: ” It’s unprofessional as he is the ex health secretary. Him trying to be a celebrity contradicts his job as a member of the public sector.”

Sarah, 65, retired, held the opinion that Hancock’s appearance on the show contradicts his job. Sarah said: “He’s a person in the public area and should remain professional.”

However, not everyone shared this view.  Scott, 18, mechanic apprentice, said: “People can do what they want, I heard he was trying to spread his message across, more people will tune in due to him.”

This contrast shows the difference in opinion as Hancock has stated that he wishes to ” deliver important messages to the masses.”

Just days until Hancock is set make his jungle debut with his 11 camp mates, what’s your opinion on Hancock swapping the House of Commons for a sleeping bag and jungle critters? Tweet us @sparksunderland to let us know. 

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