North East foodbanks face a shortage in supply as rising costs of living cause more demand 

Written by on 12th May 2022

Sunderland Foodbank has seen an increase in demand over the last few months, leading to them supplying more than they have donated to them. 

The foodbank has fed over 2000 people this year, and as rising costs of living show no signs of going away thousands more may need to be fed.

With the average consumer needing to spend more of their money on costs of living, fewer donations can be made. People who were already struggling to pay bills and provide for their families now could be turned to food banks to help them.

Both issues contribute to what could be a crisis later down the line. Fewer donations create a shortage in supply and the more people who need to foodbank; the more demand for supply.

Therefore, the deficit between supply and demand is stretched wider. 

In the video below a volunteer at Sunderland Foodbank, Simone Green, spoke of the issues facing the foodbank in the months to come.

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